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Momentum logistics can be explained most simply as the planning for and execution of an efficient and timely distribution of materials, inventory, and goods through transportation services. It allows for the efficient flow and storage of all manner of freight from raw lumber destined for furniture manufacturers to stuffed animals destined for local toy stores at Christmas. State of the art trucking logistics includes the use of modern communications, equipment, and technology, as well as highly skilled personnel and the trucks they drive. When done properly, trucking logistics results in benefits for customers and transporters that can be measured in dollars and cents.

Logistics doesn’t begin at the truck and end at the road. Logistics also involves the administration and management of a trucking company, from their human resources group that is responsible for finding, hiring, and training drivers to their billing and receivables departments that ensure the proper paperwork has been filed and the customer has been correctly and completely billed. In many cases the trucking company is responsible for inventory control for their customers—from pulling car parts for delivery to auto dealership service departments to restocking raw leather goods to be used by boot manufacturers.

Sophisticated trucking logistics saves time, money, fuel, and headaches for the transportation company as well as the customer. It includes planning for inefficiencies, avoiding deadhead truck movements, load matching, and computerized routing.

And customers can help improve trucking logistics. Allowing around the clock shipping and receiving at their facilities means that transportation companies have more flexibility to work around traffic, better handle congestion issues, and get ahead of or behind inclement weather events. The end result of efficient trucking logistics is a satisfied consumer to whom those logistics are practically invisible.

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Why We Excel
Our volume of freight brings economies of scale to even the smallest shipper. (i.e. competitive pricing)
We work directly with Dedicated Fleets and Affiliated Carriers by matching our customer’s freight with back haul lanes. We capture this dedicated equipment on the back haul leg, and pass on the savings to our customers.

We have owner operators that run exclusively for Momentum Freight. These drivers only haul our loads and their livelihood depends on the level of service they provide. We believe this accountability paves the way for the high level service that Momentum demands.

Our team of people is our greatest asset, and are the ones you talk to everyday. Call a current customer or carrier to find out for yourself.

You will have a single point of contact. No more being transferred from extension to extension without getting an answer. Our reps will handle both the sales and the service from day one. Larger accounts can have dedicated teams of transportation professionals working together.

24/7 dispatch around the clock. The lights are always on and someone is always home.

One call for all your transportation needs. Full Truckload, LTL, Intermodal, and Expedited shipments will all be serviced by your single point of contact.

The days of calling all day to get rates and availability are over.

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