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Welcome to our news and updates section, where you can read the latest industry headlines from around the country. This page shows regularly updated summary of freight shipping news content, along with links to full versions of each news headline. Keep yourself in the loop with the latest freight shipping, news and headlines that may discuss freight shipping services, shipping companies, trucking companies, and freight companies.
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Industry News
Hours of Service for International Shipping
Transport logistics firms and drivers out on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America will be interested in recent comments by retailers in America about the idea of limiting the number of hours truck drivers spend behind the wheel on a daily basis. Retailers of the nation indicted recently in comments that shorter hours for American truckers would ultimately increase the cost of transporting goods for business and the final cost to consumers, and the number of drivers out on the roads of the nation on a daily basis during the busiest times. In addition, more drivers out on the transport roads of the nation could decrease the level of driving safety on the roads by increasing traffic congestion during times of the day when traffic flows are the greatest, according to retailers.

Retailers also indicated that using the current daily driving limits for long haul services they have been able to increase supply chain and distribution network efficiency, and that any change in this could upset the current balance they have achieved in these systems. The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is currently proposing a 10-hour limit for transport services during the years ahead and the requirement for at least two midnight to 6 a.m. rest periods between each week of transporting goods out on the roads and highways of the nation, for all transport drivers. A proposal that hasn`t exactly been embraced by the transport industry of America and the drivers out on the roads on a daily basis.

Certainly, the current proposal by the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has its supporters, but how many of these supporters know anything about heavy equipment transport on the transport roads and highways of the nation? The true experts are the drivers out on the roads on a daily basis and listening to the people actually doing the job would be a good idea, hopefully this fact becomes more apparent as we turn the next corner in this reoccurring drama.
Posted on 07 Mar 2011 by mfreight

Trucking Company Fleets Increasing
It appears more heavy hauling firms and drivers have been taking the plunge and investing in new transport vehicles to help improve and enhance the transport services they provide customers that need cargo delivered on time and budget during recent times in the United States of America. ACT Research Company recently released its latest statistics on the number of heavy-duty Class 8 transport vehicles ordered during February, 2011 and according to the company orders were down about 3,000 units, from the massive number that were ordered during January. ACT Research also indicated that this news means the strong market for heavy-duty Class 8 transport vehicles during the past four months has continued into 2011. Good news for trucking companies that use the strength of the heavy-duty Class 8 market as an indication of the current health of the business of transporting goods to destination in the United States of America.

ACT Research also indicated that the volume of heavy-duty Class 8 transport vehicle orders could be due to some transportation firms preparing for a good year in 2011. It could also mean that some transportation services firms are just replacing the older heavy-duty Class 8 transport vehicles in their fleet, according to this research firm, and possibly deciding to invest for their own reasons at this time in history.

ACT Research publishes new and used commercial vehicle industry data, market analysis and forecasts for the North American and Chinese markets. Transport firms that want to check out the services of ACT Research should contact the company directly for more information on where they can locate the company forecasts.
Posted on 04 Mar 2011 by mfreight

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Company Press Releases
Momentum Repeats as BBB Winner of Distinction
HOUSTON, Texas, 2010 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — For the third straight year, Momentum - the nation’s premier auto and freight transport provider — has earned the Better Business Bureau’s coveted Winner of Distinction award, presented in recognition of Momentum’s superior commitment to ethics, overall excellence, and quality in the workplace.

Momentum’s CEO, Greg Giles, released this statement: “Momentum remains committed to serving our client’s needs while adhering to the highest ethical standards. We are extremely honored to be recognized for this commitment to excellence for a third consecutive year.”

The BBB Awards for Excellence was created to recognize businesses and non-profits that excel in quality achievement, management and customer service while exhibiting integrity in the marketplace and exemplary dedication to fostering trust between businesses and consumers.

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