Allowable weights for trailers

Here is some general knowledge of weight capacities of trailers. Keep in mind that each truck and trailer will be different, but these weights will keep in the ballpark.

• Flatbeds—it can legally carry loads that weigh from 45-48 thousands lbs.
• Extendable Flat or Stretch (40-44 thousand lbs. of legally allowable load)
• Drop deck (44-46 thousand lbs of legal load capacity).
• Extendable Step deck (40-44 thousand lbs allowable load).
• Double Drop deck (35-40 thousand lbs allowable weight).
• Double Extendible Drop (35-40 thousand lbs of allowable load).
• Double Drop or Lowboy (36-42 thousand lbs of allowable load).
53’ or 48’ Vans – (42 – 44 thousand lbs. of allowable load)

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