Moving Containers

Here is some information on shipping containers. Before booking a container with a shipper or trucking you will need some very important information.

1. Before booking a container with a shipper you should ask if it will be 20 footers or 40 footers. Also ask if it is a standard or high cube container. You will need to know what is inside the container. Such as lumber, steel or general merchandise. It is important to note that you should ask if it is hazardous or house hold goods. Not all carriers can haul house hold goods. Also ask the value of the container. (I once moved a container for a customer and I failed to ask and he failed to let me know the value. It was valued over 2 million dollars, luckily nothing happened.)

2. Before booking a container with a trucker you should ask if he is TWIC certified and if his trailer has container locks.

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