Freight, Timely written claims

Timely Written Claims
The claimant is required to file a written freight claim with the trucking company within nine months of the date of delivery of the property, if no delivery was made, then nine months after reasonable time for delivery has pasted. Claims, reasonable delivery and timely deliveries are defined under Title 49, section 370.3 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This regulation defines a claim as a written notification filed with the proper trucking company within the time limits specified on the bills of lading. It should contain all the facts sufficiently to identify the shipment, property lost and assertion of liability.
When a proper claim is received the trucking company has obligations and timetables are set in the Code of Federal Regulations.
1. The trucking company must acknowledge the claim within 30 days
2. They have To create a separate file and assign a successive claim number and add it to all documentation filed to support the claim.
3. The trucking company is then required to pay, decline and or make a settlement offer within 120 days after they have received the claim.
4. If the trucking company cannot make a compromise within 120 days, each 60 days thereafter, the claimant must be advised in writing.

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