Bulk Trucking in Argentina

Bulk trucking services are definitely in demand in Argentina as the country possesses an emerging economy. The country obtains economic benefits from different sources such as their agriculture sector, diversified industrial base along with rich natural resources. Agriculture is huge in Argentina as the place has rich lands and generally a temperate climate to support the growth of vegetation and crops. They have become one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, and bulk trucking companies regularly ship corn, soybeans, honey, sunflower seeds and wheat. Dairy products, along with beef, wool and leather are also commonly transported as they are also considered major exports of Argentina.

Dry bulk trucking services are often needed for the collection and delivery of various types of fresh vegetables and fruits like pears, apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries. In the northwest part of the country, commodities like tobacco, cotton, chile peppers, olive and garlic are usually transported for export purposes. Wine is the commonly shipped item in Mendoza and San Juan as they have become the largest wine regions in the country. Annually, fisheries are always up for a million of tons of catch, so trucking companies are always called for the shipping of pollacks, squids and centolla crabs.

Important oil fields also lie in some areas of Argentina, and natural gas along with oil and petroleum products are commonly transported and distributed in all regions. Even mining has become a growing industry and gold, silver, copper, zinc, magnesium and uranium are common resources that are usually shipped.

Other leading sectors in Argentina include medicine and research, automotives, farming, food processing and manufacturing. That is why, both dry and liquid bulk trucking services are required to take and send out chemicals , pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles and auto parts, farming equipment, iron and aluminum plus industrial machineries and home appliances to all manufacturing centers and companies. In this way, trucking services increase the efficiency, convenience and productivity of such important economic industries.

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