Throw CargoNet Over Your Freight, Freight security methods, freight transport

Individuals thinking about conducting freight theft activities at American-based freight transport firms should beware as a new method to help combat the illegal seizure of freight being transported by these firms could be in place. The CargoNet initiative is one of the latest tools available to freight transport firms that want to decrease the amount of freight being lost during transport. The US-based CargoNet initiative includes a national database of information pertaining to freight theft and away to privately share relevant information with other users. It also includes services designed to help educate interested parties on current methods to combat freight theft and loss prevention during operations.

The service is intended to help spot trends in the theft of freight and to enable the sharing of information pertaining to freight thefts in order to reduce the instances of theft and improve the chances of recovering the cargo. This will certainly decrease the bottom line of freight transport firms, if successful, and should make the plans of criminals more difficult to carry out.
It’s estimated by American law enforcement bodies and freight industry professionals that freight theft results in billions of dollars in additional costs that if removed or reduced could significantly reduce costs. They also think that a large percentage of thefts actually go unreported, so the number of thefts is probably worse than the numbers currently in the books. Truck stops and rest areas are the most likely spot for the theft of freight to occur according to the numbers, with intermodal freight yards and motel and restaurant parking lots, close behind.

The CargoNet initiative is expected to come online sometime in the first part of 2010, so individuals thinking about or currently conducting freight theft in the United States, should beware as we head into 2010. Any information that exists about your activities could be being shared between users of the CargoNet initiative and they might be closing in on you?

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