Lowering Bridge Tolls for Trucking Services?

Trucking transport firms delivering freight in the lower mainland of British Columbia are always going to take the cheapest route in order to transport customers trucking loads to destination. This fact appears to have just been realised by some professionals working for the Golden Ears Bridge as after watching the number of vehicles traveling across the bridge continue to be lower than expected, it appears there are a few working for the Golden Ears Bridge that think it might be time to lower tolls in order to try to attract more customers and hopefully a few more trailer trucking units to use the bridge on a daily basis.

The operator TransLink has indicated that at present only about 22,300 vehicles travel across the bridge on a daily basis, which is about 7,100 less vehicles than they were expecting when they first built the bridge and represents a significant drop in revenue than projected levels. Considering the lack of vehicles traveling across the Golden Ears Bridge in relation to expectations, it’s hardly surprising that the operators are looking at lowering the tolls at this time for trucking services and non-commutter traffic during specific hours of the day. In fact, the latest reports indicate that TransLink could be presently putting together a plan that could see tolls on the Golden Ears Bridge go down in the future for trucking services during certain parts of the day.

Will lower tolls attract more owner operator trucking professionals to implement the Golden Ears Bridge in their operations? According to reports by drivers lower tolls could definitely cause many to begin looking at using this route more often and better marketing of the Golden Ears Bridge to professionals in the trucking industry can only help increase the number of trailer trucks using the Golden Ears Bridge in the future.

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