Trucking has a New Tool

Companies in the freight shipping business have a new tool to them make sure customers’ cargo makes it to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner in the second decade of the century of the environment. McLeod Software recently announced the release of LoadMaster LTL, a complete operations management solution for LTL trucking companies that takes this service beyond previous offerings of McLeod Software’s LoadMaster enterprise application, and into other service areas of the transportation industry of the United States of America. Sources indicate that McLeod Software recently acquired the assets of Enterprise Information Solutions Incorporated (ESI) and is at work integrating ESI’s application software product into the LoadMaster enterprise dispatch management system, which will allow heavy haul firms to support a truckload operations model, an LTL business model, or both operating models within the same framework.

McLeod Software has indicated they believe LoadMaster LTL is a very useful product for freight firms in under served segments of the transportation industry of the United States of America. They also believe LoadMaster LTL is going to have a long and profitable career helping transport firms make sure the goods are delivered on time and budget in the months and years ahead. It will be a little while before we know what the professionals using this new tool think about LoadMaster LTL, but if the previous history of this company and the products it creates for the transport industry are any indication, we can expect LoadMaster LTL to get the job done.

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