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There’s good news for trucking companies operating in the beautiful American state of California operating transport vehicles implementing a reefer made in 2003. The board of director of CARB recently approved an amendment to the regulations of these model year transport vehicles. Now, these model year transport vehicles can be operated in California during the miles ahead, which will mean you’ll be able to do more freight shipping using your 2003 reefer unit in the weeks and months ahead in California. The board of directors approved the installation of Low-Emission aftertreatment equipment for 2003 reefer diesels, which means your 2003 reefer will be in compliance with CARB exhaust-emissions rules until the end of 2017.

This is great news for transport drivers operating a 2003 reefer unit, since before this news transport drivers operating a 2003 reefer unit only had the option of upgrading engine exhaust systems to more costly Ultra Low Emission (ULE) standards. Both upgrades usually involve the addition of diesel particulate filters, with an LE-type filter removing at least 50 percent of particulate matter from exhaust fumes, and a ULE filter taking out about 85 percent, according to transport experts looking at this news. Transport drivers operating a 2003 reefer can still decide to go with the tougher ULE upgrades, which would mean a trucking company reefer unit would be in compliance indefinitely, according to the experts.

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