New Wingfoot Trucking Company Care Centers

Transport drivers out on the roads and highways of the United States providing shipping container services for customers will be interested in the news that Wingfoot Commercial Tire recently announced the opening of the 34th and 35th Wingfoot Truck Care Centers. Wingfoot Commercial Tire has been providing services for transport firms and drivers in America for years and this news will certainly make heavy haul firms and drivers that have benefited from Wingfoot Commercial Tire services before smile.

Wingfoot Commercial Tire’s 34th and 35th Truck Care Centers are located in Russellville, Arkansas and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Russelville center is located at 185 Interstate Road on Interstate 40, exit 184, adjacent to the Flying J facility, the Tuscaloosa truck maintenance center is located at 4400 Skyland Boulevard East on Interstate 20/59, exit 76, on the Pilot Travel Center property. Both centers provide heavy hauling trucking firms and drivers with preventative maintenance service, including oil changes, and light mechanical service, like brake, electrical, and heating/air conditioning repairs. In addition, transport firms and drivers can find new tires and retreads on site, and roadside assistance is available for customers requiring this service.

Transport drivers that want to check out these two new locations should talk to another driver about Wingfoot Truck Care Centers and the services provided. This could help you make sure customers cargo is delivered on time and budget, should you happen to need a little help while out on the roads and highways of the United States.

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