Shipping Container Transport Maintenance

One important job heavy hauling transport firms and drivers need to take care of in order for transport vehicles to keep running down the transport roads and highways of the United States taking cargo to destination on time and budget is eliminating contaminants from truck and trailer air systems. These systems include compressors, hoses and piping, valves, tanks and other parts of a transport vehicle, according to transport safety experts, basic and important components that you need to make sure are in proper working order, or it could cost you time and money down the road.

According to freight transport safety experts moisture, oil and dirt can disrupt the operations of a transport truck and even cause a transport vehicle to stop working and require significant downtime to fix. Compressors do have a filter at outlets to remove most contaminants, according to the experts, and what this filter can’t remove is grabbed by a condenser/separator and then the air dryer. You still need to make sure to check the specifications included with the dryer and condenser/separator, according to safety experts, especially if the volume of air running through the system of your transport vehicle is high. You can also remove moisture and contaminants from the system using drain valves in air tanks, which according to experts should be part of a driver’s pre-trip inspection process, and noted on the inspection check list.

Therefore, before you head out on the roads with a heavy haul transport vehicle make sure you include this in your pre-trip inspection process and you could save yourself a few headaches that could have you spending money to fix a problem, rather than out on the roads making the money you need to stay in business.

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