New Long Haul Dispatch Tool

Transport firms and drivers in the shipping container transport industry looking for a new tool to help them deliver cargo in a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner during the weeks and months ahead have a new tool to use in this desire. Aljex Software has just announced the release of customizable dispatch screens for all transport modes used by brokers, carriers and 3PLs, that the firm believes will help make the job of transporting cargo to destination on time and budget easier to accomplish during the miles ahead on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America.

Aljex Software indicates that Aljex Vision customers can now simply drag-and-drop entire columns of data to and from dispatch displays to suit virtually any transport job. Also included is a map to help freight shipping firms track cargo shipments across America and the entire continent, according to Aljex Software, and shipment and customer information displayed spreadsheet-style with columns representing categories of data essential to the job of making sure cargo arrives on time and budget during the weeks and months ahead in the transport industry of the nation and world.

Freight transport firms and drivers that want to check out Aljex Software’s new offer should contact the company directly for more information on where they can find this new service, or talk to other transport professionals that have used Aljex Software products to see what they think. This could be your chance to save more time and money and possibly make your boss smile a little brighter about the transport services being provided.

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