Interior Lighting Timer for Shipping Cargo

The interior lights in transport vehicles used by freight forwarders to deliver cargo on time and budget can drain the batteries of a heavy-duty truck out on the transport roads and highways of the United States and this is definitely a situation you want to avoid. Cole Hersee has recently announced the introduction of a new interior lighting timer called the FlexMod 48636 Electronic Timer that will provide you with several warning messages, before automatically turning off the interior lights of your truck to protect your batteries from being drained, and possibly saving freight forwarding services time and money, according to the people over at Cole Hersee.

Cole Hersee also indicated that the FlexMod 48636 Electronic Timer is a little different than the run-of-the-mill timers you might have seen or used over the years. You can switch the interior lights of your truck on for twenty minutes, before the FlexMod 48636 Electronic Timer will start letting you know using a series of increasing urgent messages that the lights are about to be turned off. Should you want to leave the lights on longer, you can just flip the switch on the timer and continue working at your own pace. The timer is controlled using one of two available switches, one located at the front of the compartment and the other at the rear, and is can use both 12-volt and 24-volt systems.

Transport firms and trucking services that want to check out the FlexMod 48636 Electronic Timer should contact Cole Hersee for more information on where to find this new interior lighting timer. This could be an idea that saves you time and money down the road and keeps the transport services you provide on time and budget and heading down the road to destination.

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