Shipping Index Looks Good

The winter months have hit the flatbed trucking business hard during the last few miles on the transport roads and highways of the nation, but despite this the latest reports indicate the economy of the United States of America has continued to improve during the winter storms of the last few months. The latest Cass Freight Index has been released, and according to transport industry experts looking at the report, the index reflects a general increase in both the volume of freight being shipped on the roads of North America and the number of trucks out on the highways on a daily basis. Great news for the transport industry of the United States of America and the business of shipping cargo to destination on time and budget in general.

According to the latest Cass Freight Index transport shipments went up by 2.6 percent in February from the volume shipped during January, and 11.4 percent from the volume of cargo shipped on the transport roads and highways of the United States during the same month last year. In addition, this latest Cass Freight Index report indicates that about 11,000 new trucking jobs were added to the roster of transport firms providing shipping services in the United States during the same time period in 2011. The data on the Cass Freight Index is based on the cargo shipments of hundreds of Cass Information Systems clients, who handle about $17 billion in annual transport business, according to the people over at Cass Information Systems.

Transport drivers and firms that want to check out the latest Cass Freight Index report should contact Cass Information Systems directly for more information on where to get a copy of the report. This report could help you forecast the future road of your transport firm and make plans to take advantage of any red skies that might appear on the horizon as you turn the next corner.

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