Shipping Industry Needs More Education

Transport industry freight forwarders will be happy to hear that the unifying theme during the Truckload Carriers Association conference this week was the desire to make sure the trucking industry and shippers both have a clear understanding of the challenges on the road ahead for the transportation industry of the United States of America during the weeks and months ahead. The transport industry representatives on hand for the conference were apparently both on the same page in the desire for shippers to be as informed about the complexities of the driver shortage, costs of doing business, inflation and increasing fuel prices. Good news for the business of freight forwarding cargo to destination on time and budget in the United States of America.

The trucking industry officials on hand made a point of stating that the trucking industry needs to take the lead by taking the steps to help educate shippers on all of the challenges on the road before the transport industry during the miles ahead. That during the past few years there hasn’t been as much time for the trucking industry to devote to the job of educating shippers about the issues, but that during the months ahead the industry would need to spend more time talking to shippers about the issues in hand. In the hope that this education will help both parties work better together during the months and years ahead and possibly find new ideas on how to deal with some of the issues the the flatbed trucking industry, and transport trucking industry as a whole, has in hand.

Hopefully, all of these desires come true in the days ahead, but on thing is for sure, it’s always a good idea to keep all parties involved in a business informed on the issues of doing business. This idea can only help and could lead to solutions for some of the issues for the American trucking industry as we head into the second decade of the century of the environment.

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