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Trucking Services Can Modify Trucks

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The American trucking company looking for a little help in the job of adding transport vehicles using alternate fuels and auxiliary power units to their fleet should talk to the people over at the Fontaine Modification Company about adding a few of these types of vehicles to their fleet operations in the miles ahead. Fontaine Modification Company provides post-production truck modification services, and with the most recent news, they’re offering certified installation of alternative fuel engines, alternative fuel delivery systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) for America’s transport firms and professionals out on the transport roads and highways on a daily basis. Fontaine Modification Company recently commented that they are in a position to provide transport fleets in the United States with professionally certified system installation that can save heavy haul firms money during the miles ahead, through the current agreements and deals they have in place with the major truck manufacturers in the United States.

This is great news for transport firms ordering new vehicles and if they can save money on the trucks they purchase by doing business with Fontaine Modification Company, we can certainly expect them to look into the possibility during the miles ahead. Especially, if they already do business with the Fontaine Modification Company. Trucking companies can have alternate fuel systems installed at the same time they have their trucks shipped to Fontaine to have other work done, like dual drive systems, cab or chassis reconfiguration or fleet services at the seven service locations Fontaine has across the United States of America.

Freight Transport Adds 300 Jobs

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The latest reports on the unemployment conditions in the United States of America indicates that the trucking transport industry of American added about 300 jobs to the rosters of transportation firms around the country in the past few months. Sources in the transport industry indicate that considering the rise in workers heading back to work in the past few months in the United States of America, a rise in the number of new drivers on the roads and highways of America, isn’t really a surprise. In fact, we could see a few more drivers continue to be added to trucking company rosters in the miles ahead, according to some logistics professionals in the business of making sure customers cargo makes it to destination on time and budget. Great news for transport drivers looking for work and America in general and hopefully a belief that becomes reality in the days and weeks ahead.

In the months ahead for transportation companies in the United States of America we could see a lot more drivers behind the steering wheel of a heavy duty transport vehicle heading down the road in America, according to transport industry experts. Companies in the business of heavy equipment transport and all transport firms are presently preparing to do more business and transport more cargo in the miles ahead, and they’ll certainly need additional drivers down the road as well. This could be a chance for Americans looking for work to begin a new career as a transportation professional out on the roads and highways of North America.

Trucking Companies Could Have Busy Christmas

Monday, November 8th, 2010

The business of international shipping firms has been improving according to the numbers being reported by the monthly Global Port Tracker, despite a belief in many professionals that we could be in for a bit of a slow period, before the volume of cargo that customers and business needs transported to destination begins to once again pick up momentum. The professionals looking at this report and the conditions they see existing in the business of moving cargo to destination believe that November is still going to see an increase in the volume of cargo that customers require to be transported, over the numbers recorded during the same period in 2009.

This could mean that customers are preparing to move more cargo before Christmas, according to some professionals in the business of providing customers with a great freight quote. It could also mean that they expect better sales during the upcoming Christmas holiday season and transport services might be working pretty hard through the holidays to move all the cargo they want transported to destination in time. This would certainly be welcome news for the United States of America and the transportation industry, and firms are presently preparing to take care of the expected flood of cargo before the holiday season.

October is traditionally the busiest month for transportation services, according to the transport professionals looking at this news, as retailers get ready for the Christmas rush of customers looking for the latest gadget or gift for their loved ones. There are also reports that retailers spent the summer months stocking up for Christmas, so it might not be as busy as some think, according to other professionals in the business of transporting customers freight to destination. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Trucking Transport Wheel-end Maintenance

Friday, November 5th, 2010

One of the most important maintenance jobs for heavy equipment transport drivers and firms is making sure the wheels, hubs and other gear that attach truck tires to transport vehicles are kept in prime condition and are given the attention they deserve. The wheel-end of a transport vehicle works as a single unit, which means the spindle, hub, bearings, fasteners and wheels on your transport vehicle need to work together in order to keep the wheels of your transport truck in line and tracking a straight path down the highway. If one of the parts of the wheel-end on your vehicle isn’t in proper working condition, this is going to change the operation of the other parts of the wheel-end, and the results will be felt in other parts of the wheel-end system of your cargo shipping vehicle.

Preventing this problem for transport firms and drivers can be as simple as making sure the components of the wheel-end system of a transport vehicle are all in proper working condition and order, according to many experienced transport professionals out on the roads and highways of the United States of America on a daily basis. Make sure all of the components of the wheel-end system of a freight transport vehicle aren’t loose, loose axle U-bolts, for example, will affect the other components of a wheel-end system by allowing axles to wiggle and shimmy as the vehicle travels down the road, is going to improve the driving characteristics of a vehicle. Any component that allows a tire and wheel assembly to wander off center or run any other direction than straight is possibly going to create problems down the road, and you certainly don’t need any problems to appear.

New Tool for Transportation Services

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Transport firms and drivers implementing McLeod Software’s LoadMaster in their heavy hauling activities will be happy to hear that they can now install the newly integrated SkyBitz asset tracking and management module into their operations. Sources at McLeod Software indicate that this new offering provides users with transport data that’s essential to making sure the cargo they transport for customers makes it to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner, and allows firms to better manage their business operations. This new offering from McLeod Software also provides users with information on the trailers in a fleet, like whether the doors of a trailer are open or closed, if the trailer is full of cargo or empty at a particular moment in time, and if the shipping container is currently moving down the road, or stopped by the side of the road.

McLeod Software and some freight forwarders looking at this new offering think that this new tool could allow firms in the business of transporting freight to destination better manage their operations in the months and years ahead. They also believe that this new tool is going to allow firms to make better decisions concerning the use of their trailers in the miles ahead, by allowing them to always know where their trailers are and what they’re currently doing. This will allow firms to identify available trailers closest to the load that needs to be picked up and delivered to destination, reduce the number of miles trailers travel empty and maybe decrease the possibility of losing track of a trailer.

Make sure your paperwork is in order

Monday, November 1st, 2010

There’s a lot of paperwork involved with being in the shipping container transport business, making sure all of your required paperwork and other things are in order is one of the most important tasks drivers and transport firms will be taking care of in the next few miles. One of the most essential parts of your paperwork in the next few miles is going to be making sure you obtain all of the documents on your employment history for transport drivers, both on and off your DAC Report. You also want to have the paperwork on your driving history, criminal record scan and now, your CSA PSP report. This is going to be essential in the next few miles, especially if you plan on applying at transport firms, and it’s certainly going to make touching base and finding the heavy equipment transport job you want easier during the miles ahead.

There’s also a new report out that freight shipping firms can reference called the “Pre-Employment Screening Report” (PSP) that you’ll want to take a look at, before you start looking for the job you want. The PSP report consists of records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Information System (MCMIS). In it firms will find the most recent five years of crash data and three years roadside inspection data of your transport career. Taking a look to make sure there aren’t any errors in the data on the PSP report could save you time and expense and you’ll certainly obtain a job faster if you correct any mistakes in this report. Transport firms you apply for could be using this report to determine if they want to employ you and mistakes in the data on this report could alter their opinion of your skills and professionalism.

Flatbed Truck Fuel Efficiency Standards

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The American Trucking Association believes the proposed fuel efficiency standards for the trucking industry of the United States of America are going to have definite benefits for the transport industry of America and all Americans. The American Trucking Association originally made a statement concerning the proposals a few days ago, but the other day they followed this statement up with a more in depth response to the proposal to develop the first-ever national fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission standards for heavy and medium-duty trucks. The statement by the American Trucking Association indicated that they were happy with the administrations efforts and that through talks with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) they were encouraged that the proposal takes into account things that they thoughts were very important to making the proposals work for the variety of transportation services in the United States of America.

The proposal put forth by the parties involved in this affair is going to be phased in slowly according to sources in the transport industry of America. The proposals are also expected to allow the transport industry as a whole to reduce the carbon wheel-print of the shipping services it provides and overall fuel consumption by 7 to 20 percent for baseline Class 8 transport trucks. They expect the transport industry to achieve this through implementation of new engine and truck advancements, low-rolling resistance tires, improved truck aerodynamics, reduced idling, and other measures the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program think will help in this job. The best part of this news is hearing that the parties involved in the battle to reduce greenhouse emissions and fuel consumption in the transport industry of the United States are working together.

New Long Haul Truck by Cat Will be on Hand

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Cat is preparing to unveil a new vocational truck for trucking services of the United States of America during the upcoming ConExpo in Las Vegas in March 2011. The latest sources around the transport industry indicate that the first model of the Cat Vocational Truck Series, the CT660 will be on hand at the ConExpo for transport firms and professionals to take a look at. The CT660 is based on Navistar International`s PayStar 5000i series and will implement Navistar diesels, along with Cat`s own automatic transmission, according to the people close to this news. Sources also indicate that these Class 8 trucks will be sold and serviced exclusively through Cat`s North American dealer network, which means that international dealers of Class 8 trucks won`t be selling this truck.

Production on the CT660 isn`t expected to start until after ConExpo and firms that want to use this Class 8 truck to provide customers with flatbed trucking services will have to wait until sometime in 2011, before putting in an order. Cat took the time to ask customers that would be implementing these trucks in their operations what they would like to see in the Cat Vocational Truck Series, and this could pay off in the months and years ahead in the United States of America. Cat designed and built the Cat Vocational Truck Series to be suitable for a number of different trucking company jobs around the United States. This Class 8 heavy-duty truck could be just the thing in the days and months ahead that allows your firm to increase profits and decrease operation costs, so it might be a good idea to start planning to be on hand at ConExpo, just to check out the new CT660.

Freight Truckers Helping the Kids of America

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Are you a long haul driver that loves kids and wants to spend more time teaching young ones about life and the trucking industry of the United States of America? You can spend more time with the kids of America by becoming the next Trucker Buddy of the Month. This is your chance to have a positive affect on the lives and future of children in the United States of America and prove once again how much the truckers of America care about doing the right thing. The kids will fall in love with your stories about working out on the roads and highways of America and you could be setting the stage for some of these children to become another caring transport trucker of America in the years ahead.

Drivers out on the roads providing trucking services for firms around North America taking part in the Trucker Buddy of the Month program will be visiting classrooms throughout the school year to talk to the kids and keep them updated on their transport adventures. They get to take a positive hand in teaching the kids, encourage them to learn, and even provide a few rewards to the kids that show the greatest interest in learning. Every year they add more transport truckers to the Trucker Buddy program, so if you want to take part, this could be your year and chance to contribute to the well-being and future of kids in America.

If you’re a flatbed trucking professional that wants to take part in the Trucker Buddy of the Month program, you’ll have to go through a screening process, and then you’ll be matched with a class of children. You’ll work with the teacher and talk to the children about the job of transporting freight to destination in the United States of America, and pass on some of the knowledge about life you have picked up out on the roads and highways of America.

Telematics System for Heavy Haul Services

Monday, October 25th, 2010

There’s a revolution in the information technology being used by trucking companies in the United States of America using electric transport vehicles in their business operations coming down the road. The information technology traditionally used in the banking and telecoms industries is making in-roads into the transport industry of America and getting the attention of more and more transport firms in North America. Smith Electric Vehicles Smith Telemetry is the first telematics system for production electric transport vehicles in the United States of America that allows fleet managers to know precisely how much battery power is left in each flatbed truck, just by pushing a button. This allows fleet managers to maximize the use of their electric transports and users to know which transports are still available to be used for immediate transport of goods.

Smith Electric Vehicles Smith Telemetry also allows users to monitor the performance of a shipping container transport vehicles battery, down to individual cells, which allows users to quickly locate potential problems and have them fixed immediately. Smith Electric Vehicles has also been at work creating a system to handle all of the data that this new system monitors, by investing in servers to handle the expected flood of data, and working with third-party support for this service. They have also been working on a system that will allow the data to be stored and then released in a steady steam, so their servers won’t be overloaded with data.