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Modes of Transportation

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

In today’s world “global logistics” is a must to understand. Three factors that can determine the mode of transportation that best fits your freight shipping needs are cost of transportation; perish ability, and value-to volume ratio. Once you have found the factor that works for you the next step is to pick a means of transportation. One way to transport your goods is by ocean shipping. Ocean shipping can be a great way to ship large amounts of products overseas with routes that are scheduled on a regular basis. This type of transportation is idea for heavier, bulky types of products instead of perishable products. Air freight can be seen as a better way to ship products of high value to far places in a fraction of the time. Costs for this type of service is more expensive then other means of transportation, but can save time in getting that much need product to its buyer. Next, there is trucking that can be used for just about any product large or small with a cheaper price for service. Trucking can be idea for car transportation, heavy freight, and perishable’s. The main factors affecting the price of shipping products are the distances between both locations and what it is you are shipping.

These modes of transportation required experience and understanding of the global logistics paper work, customs, and economic efficiency of all the parties involved. Make sure when selecting a reliable Freight company that these basic issues are handled in a professional way.