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Something to look out for.

Friday, June 12th, 2009

This e-mail is to advise about a cash advance scam that is being worked off the West Coast with load posting on The Internet Truckstop (load posting web site).

We (P & A Freight Connection) posted a load from Anaheim to Cincinnati, OH on June 8th…A guy named Samuel called and booked the load;they put a truck in place that was double brokered unknown to us. The truck they put under our load had picked up and then they asked for a fuel com check advance for $1500.00, which we issue after truck was loaded. We found out Wednesday about the scam. This person named Samuel had faxed over carrier documents for a carrier out of Palos Hills, IL in the name of SMS Lines, Inc.,they also had a driver call for dispatch who was part of the scam. SMS Lines paperwork was changed by the phone number & Fax number..(Scam # 312-330-1052 & Fax # 312-473-2864). These people used another company name, F.A.K. to the carrier they double brokered to, they sent a confirmation to the carrier they had put under our load for a rate of $1000.00 more than they had agreed from our original rate. They also replaced the phone number & fax number same as above on the F.A.K. load confirmation.

So our losses at this point is $1500 for the com check scam and the carrier that they had put under our load still wanted the $1000.00 more than they had booked with the scam people in order for them to stay under our load and deliver our customer freight.

We have contacted the real SMS Lines, Inc.and notified them about the event. We also asked them to notify their insurance company about not issuing Insurance Certificates to any freight broker or shipper with out SMS lines okay or control in order to avoid these scam people from doing it again to another transport company. So far to date the real SMS Lines have not made contact with their insurance carrier to tell them to stop sending out their Insurance Certificate to avoid this problem from happening to other Brokers or carriers. Their Insurance carrier is Cottingham & Butler, Inc.

There was also a second company NFL, Inc. who fell under this same scam and was taken for $2600.00. So please beware of this scam and if you are contacted by SMS Lines, Inc. you can verify if they are the true SMS line by calling SMS Lines directly. – Dennis Morrison P&A Freight Connectgion, Inc.

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