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UK Heavy Haul Services Wants Changes Made

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Heavy haul services in the United Kingdom during the winter is a dangerous activity that has been an area of concern for long haul drivers in the United Kingdom. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) recently urged government officials in the United Kingdom to be flexible in the working hours of drivers during the winter months in the United Kingdom. The association also indicated that there needs to be an overhaul of driver working hours during the winter months, especially for freight carriers of essential goods, and they might look at putting a little more salt on the transport roads in the United Kingdom.

The need for salt became critical last year in some regions of the United Kingdom and the Freight Transport Association thought it might be a good idea to see if they can shorten up the supply lines for salt for the roads this year. Freight shipping services on the roads of the United Kingdom was crippled at times last year because of shortages of road salt in critical trucking regions, according to sources, and they obviously want to make sure this doesn’t happend again. They want to look at making road salt more available on a region basis and this might certainly help the situation at times in the United Kingdom.

The FTA also asked that a system like the one used in container ports to book transport vehicles be implemented in the future and that they look at adding more vehicle parking near the vital Cheshire salt mine. The association wasn’t finished with its suggestions for the Department of Transport as it was suggested by the FTA that the department needs to be on top of these things in the future and quicker to respond to the need for change.

Car Haulers & Over-Dimension Loads in Saskatchewan

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Owner operator trucking professionals transporting over-dimension loads for car shipping firms providing car delivery services in Saskatchewan will be getting some help from the government of Saskatchewan that should make their job a little easier in the future. The Saskatchewan provincial government announced an investment of $1.6 million the other day to help develop high clearance transport corridors to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transporting over-dimension loads in Saskatchewan in the years ahead. The development of high clearance transport corridors is needed to allow over-dimension loads to be transported along the transport corridors of Saskatchewan without having to raise or temporarily cut utility lines and other structures along the route.

Which transport corridors within Saskatchewan’s borders is the provincial government planning on making the changes in question that would allow for easier transport of over-dimension loads on the transport routes of Saskatchewan? The corridors being proposed for improvements run from Saskatoon to the Alberta border on Highway 7 and Melville to Rosetown on Highways 14 and 15. All well travelled transport routes that are used on a daily basis by transport vehicles traveling through Saskatchewan and to destinations within the province, so this idea is certain to be applauded by the transport industry of Canada.

This is great news for auto transport carriers operating on the roads of Saskatchewan and should certainly simplify the process of transporting over-dimension loads in Canada as once the improvements are made shipping companies that want to ship over-dimension loads will pay a permit fee to use the corridor in question, rather than arranging with regulatory authorities to plan a route and arrange for utilities to be raised or cut along the transport route in question.

Freight Services

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

One of the common problems people have is trying to find the right price and professional company to ship belongings for them overseas. Depending on the items in question there should be no problem getting what you want when you want. All you have to do beforehand is sort out the insurance, the weight and all the personal facts about the freight load in question in order for it to be transported correctly with no problems.

Now there are different companies that can take on this work so make sure you find the best one for your business and keep coming back to them. If your package and items is very sensitive then all the best care will be made in order to avoid any damage. The people in the freight service business are always very experienced, your items will be well protected and should arrive without even the slightest error.

You can rest easy knowing your personal belonging are in the good hands of freight services workers and never fear about delivering goods abroad again.

Shipping Overseas, Tips for International Freight Transport

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Let’s pretend you have a rich Aunt Victoria who willed you a hefty sum and some valuable items. The inheritance is a nice size, enough to buy your dream villa in Tuscany, but before you can say arrivederci to the States, you need a safe and efficient way to ship the HEAVY antique bedroom furniture she left you in her will. What do you do? Keep the following tips in mind when moving to another country and choosing a freight service to transport your bulky personal effects overseas:

•First, get accurate measurements for the items you want to ship. International transporters typically charge per cubic foot of space.

•Keep an inventory of all items to be shipped, complete with pictures and proof of ownership documents.

•Shop around. Ask any friends abroad if they can recommend trustworthy transportation companies. Visit the Better Business Bureau and transportation-related trade organization websites for additional tips and lists of recommended movers.

•Ask prospective carriers about their shipping processes and options. Some companies offer amenities like door-to-door transport so you do not have to drop off or pick up your goods at a terminal.

•Be present when the movers prepare your items for travel. Make sure each item will be protected with adequate padding, fasteners, or other packaging materials.

Admittedly, most of us don’t have substantial inheritances coming our way, but moving overseas for work or pleasure is still a very real option in this age of international corporations and an expanding global marketplace. Don’t get caught off-guard. If you or your business might need international freight services, call Momentum Freight today for more information.

Foreseeable Damages

Friday, July 24th, 2009

If the Shipping company gives notice to ALL parties (the broker and/or the carrier) that if the load misses its appointment time that there will be penalties assessed of $____ per day or $____ hour UP FRONT (notice of “foreseeable damages”) prior to the truck even being dispatched, and ALL parties agree to these terms, then the Shipper can collect for delay charges. This notice must be in writing, and should require signatures. This falls under the “just in time” concept that the auto manufacturers use, and they pay a Premium for this guaranteed service. If you negotiate something like this with your transportation services provider, expect to pay a premium for this type of service. Use a freight services company that is large and financially stable enough to execute this high level service. If you use a smaller provider who has their truck break down, they may not have the ability to fix the truck fast enough to make the appointment, and they may not have the resources to pay for all the penalties from the delay. At best, your freight could sit for hours or days while you try to find another provider to move the load. Use a large, stable provider with the financial ability to support a broken down truck quickly – or any other type of delay that could cost YOU money.

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