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Shipping Container Transport Maintenance

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

One important job heavy hauling transport firms and drivers need to take care of in order for transport vehicles to keep running down the transport roads and highways of the United States taking cargo to destination on time and budget is eliminating contaminants from truck and trailer air systems. These systems include compressors, hoses and piping, valves, tanks and other parts of a transport vehicle, according to transport safety experts, basic and important components that you need to make sure are in proper working order, or it could cost you time and money down the road.

According to freight transport safety experts moisture, oil and dirt can disrupt the operations of a transport truck and even cause a transport vehicle to stop working and require significant downtime to fix. Compressors do have a filter at outlets to remove most contaminants, according to the experts, and what this filter can’t remove is grabbed by a condenser/separator and then the air dryer. You still need to make sure to check the specifications included with the dryer and condenser/separator, according to safety experts, especially if the volume of air running through the system of your transport vehicle is high. You can also remove moisture and contaminants from the system using drain valves in air tanks, which according to experts should be part of a driver’s pre-trip inspection process, and noted on the inspection check list.

Therefore, before you head out on the roads with a heavy haul transport vehicle make sure you include this in your pre-trip inspection process and you could save yourself a few headaches that could have you spending money to fix a problem, rather than out on the roads making the money you need to stay in business.

Sales of Heavy Hauling Trailers Up

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Transport firms in the business of international shipping will be interested in the latest news concerning the number of new commercial trailers purchased during the last few months of 2010. According to Act Research Company net orders for commercial trailers in the United States increased to 22,915 trailers during December, a nice healthy 7 percent increase over the total number of commercial trailers ordered during a strong November. Act Research Company also indicated at the same time that factory shipments of commercial trailers was up 12 percent in December, from the numbers experienced during November, and up a total of 69 percent over the number of commercial trailers ordered during the same time period during December 2009.

The latest numbers were part of Act Research Company’s “State of the Industry: U.S. Trailers” report, in which Act Research Company noted that the increases had been spread mainly spread across seven of the nine trailer categories used in this shipping equipment study. In fact, seven of the nine categories registered triple-digit year-over-year sales numbers for commercial trailers during December 2010, according to Act Research Company. The largest commercial trailer segment, the dry van segment, showed the greatest increase, with a 417 percent gain, according to the people over at Act Research Company.

This is great news for heavy haul firms in the business of making sure the cargo arrives on time and budget in the United States of America that use this kind of news as an indicator of the health of the transport business of America during the past few months. This news could mean that red skies are ahead for the business of taking cargo to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead.

New Wingfoot Trucking Company Care Centers

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Transport drivers out on the roads and highways of the United States providing shipping container services for customers will be interested in the news that Wingfoot Commercial Tire recently announced the opening of the 34th and 35th Wingfoot Truck Care Centers. Wingfoot Commercial Tire has been providing services for transport firms and drivers in America for years and this news will certainly make heavy haul firms and drivers that have benefited from Wingfoot Commercial Tire services before smile.

Wingfoot Commercial Tire’s 34th and 35th Truck Care Centers are located in Russellville, Arkansas and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Russelville center is located at 185 Interstate Road on Interstate 40, exit 184, adjacent to the Flying J facility, the Tuscaloosa truck maintenance center is located at 4400 Skyland Boulevard East on Interstate 20/59, exit 76, on the Pilot Travel Center property. Both centers provide heavy hauling trucking firms and drivers with preventative maintenance service, including oil changes, and light mechanical service, like brake, electrical, and heating/air conditioning repairs. In addition, transport firms and drivers can find new tires and retreads on site, and roadside assistance is available for customers requiring this service.

Transport drivers that want to check out these two new locations should talk to another driver about Wingfoot Truck Care Centers and the services provided. This could help you make sure customers cargo is delivered on time and budget, should you happen to need a little help while out on the roads and highways of the United States.

Port Trucking Services Study

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Independent shipping container haulers interviewed during a study conducted by the National Employment Law Project will be interested in the news that the experts looking at the results of this study believe they indicate that independent container haulers are essentially misclassified employees. The study in question interviews about 2,000 drivers at seven of the major ports of the United States and indicates that independent drayage drivers work up to 60 hours per week for wages many consider to be at the poverty level, according the experts. In addition, the people analysing the study believe that the independent container haulers in this study lack the autonomy that’s the hallmark of an independent transport driver under federal law.

According to the National Employment Law Project the results of this study indicate that heavy haul firms in this case determine when, where, how and in what time frame drivers work. They also determine when truck inspections and drug tests are conducted and have very detailed and tight requirements under which drivers conduct business. Driver behavior is looked at constantly, evaluated and correcting measures are implemented if the companies believes some are needed. All of these facts make the port trucking industry vulnerable to misclassification, according to the people looking at this latest study.

This news might not surprise many drivers in the business of international shipping operating in the seven ports in question, or many transport firms doing business in a port in America? Hopefully, during the miles ahead something can be done to help these truck drivers take care of these problems, according to many people looking at this news.

New Rotary Actuator for Trucking Services

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Transport shipping services looking for a better way to manage air-distribution doors, water valves, and other functions on their transport vehicles will be interested in Red Dot Corporation’s new sealed, microprocessor-controlled rotary actuator for 12 and 24-volt transport applications. Red Dot Corporation has indicated that this new actuator is perfect for use on highway transport vehicles taking customers cargo to destination on time and budget. That the microprocessor control of this new actuator is designed to be durable and precise in heavy haul applications where electronically controlled actuation is required.

Red Dot Corporation has also indicated that the microprocessor control of this new actuator is designed to maintain a constant torque across the range of operating voltage and automatically reduce torque in a stalled condition. This precision according to the people over at Red Dot means less stress is put on components, which can improve service life of the components in question. This new actuator is also sealed to IP68 standards, as well, to resist moisture and other problem creating contaminants found out on the roads and highways of the United States on a daily basis.

In addition, this new actuator is adjustable using linear voltage or pulse-width modulated signals, meets UL 94-V0 and UL 94-5VA flame retardant standards, and is rated for use in temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This new actuator that be just the thing to help firms using flatbed truck units save money and time better spent on other tasks during the months and years ahead in the United States of America.

Trucking Companies Using CNG-Fueled Vehicles

Friday, November 19th, 2010

American freight shipping firms implementing CNG-powerered transport vehicles in their fleet operations will be interested in the news that Parker Fluid Control Division has just announced the introduction of the CNG Natural Gas Valve Integrated With Filter. The CNG Natural Gas Valve is a high-pressure, high-flow, low-leakage valve designed for compressed natural gas fuel dispensing systems with single and multi-tank applications and is especially suited for downsteam valve installations in CNG-powered heavy haul vehicles, according to Parker Fluid Control Division. In addition, the added filter removes impurities from the natural gas as well any particulates downstream of the valve, ensuring a cleaner fuel source to help improve the operation of transport vehicles moving cargo to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner.

The high-flow rate of the CNG Natural Gas Valve Integrated With Filter also allows users to implement a single CNG valve for two tanks, instead of dedicating a separate valve for each tank, which reduces the cost of the system, according to Parker Fluid Control Division. Capable of operating within any CNG-fueled transport vehicle, including the heavy-duty trucks used by the trucking services of the United States of America, the CNG Natural Gas Valve Integrated With Filter could be just the thing to help you reduce the operating costs of your CNG-fueled transport vehicles, and keep them running down the roads and highways of America taking customers cargo to destination.

Trucking Services Can Modify Trucks

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The American trucking company looking for a little help in the job of adding transport vehicles using alternate fuels and auxiliary power units to their fleet should talk to the people over at the Fontaine Modification Company about adding a few of these types of vehicles to their fleet operations in the miles ahead. Fontaine Modification Company provides post-production truck modification services, and with the most recent news, they’re offering certified installation of alternative fuel engines, alternative fuel delivery systems and auxiliary power units (APUs) for America’s transport firms and professionals out on the transport roads and highways on a daily basis. Fontaine Modification Company recently commented that they are in a position to provide transport fleets in the United States with professionally certified system installation that can save heavy haul firms money during the miles ahead, through the current agreements and deals they have in place with the major truck manufacturers in the United States.

This is great news for transport firms ordering new vehicles and if they can save money on the trucks they purchase by doing business with Fontaine Modification Company, we can certainly expect them to look into the possibility during the miles ahead. Especially, if they already do business with the Fontaine Modification Company. Trucking companies can have alternate fuel systems installed at the same time they have their trucks shipped to Fontaine to have other work done, like dual drive systems, cab or chassis reconfiguration or fleet services at the seven service locations Fontaine has across the United States of America.

Trucking has a New Tool

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Companies in the freight shipping business have a new tool to them make sure customers’ cargo makes it to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner in the second decade of the century of the environment. McLeod Software recently announced the release of LoadMaster LTL, a complete operations management solution for LTL trucking companies that takes this service beyond previous offerings of McLeod Software’s LoadMaster enterprise application, and into other service areas of the transportation industry of the United States of America. Sources indicate that McLeod Software recently acquired the assets of Enterprise Information Solutions Incorporated (ESI) and is at work integrating ESI’s application software product into the LoadMaster enterprise dispatch management system, which will allow heavy haul firms to support a truckload operations model, an LTL business model, or both operating models within the same framework.

McLeod Software has indicated they believe LoadMaster LTL is a very useful product for freight firms in under served segments of the transportation industry of the United States of America. They also believe LoadMaster LTL is going to have a long and profitable career helping transport firms make sure the goods are delivered on time and budget in the months and years ahead. It will be a little while before we know what the professionals using this new tool think about LoadMaster LTL, but if the previous history of this company and the products it creates for the transport industry are any indication, we can expect LoadMaster LTL to get the job done.

Enjoy Shipping Container Transport Miles

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

American freight shipping professionals traveling down the roads and highways of the United States of America taking the cargo we all require to live to destination need to stay awake and mentally aware at all times. Listening to Sirius XM Radio’s new XM Snap!, a satellite radio for the transport vehicle that according to Sirius Radio is easy to install, set up and use, and can make your trips a little more enjoyable and might help keep you mentally aware of your environment and surroundings. Just plug the new XM Snap! into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or power adapter socket, connect the antenna and you’re ready to listen to sweet sounds of the road using the radio included with your vehicle.

The XM Snap! comes with a fully adjustable stalk that allows you to place this unit in a convenient place in your freight transporting vehicle, the radio controls are easy to access and see, and the display included is a high-contrast unit for beautiful viewing, according to Sirius XM Radio. The simple controls included with the XM Snap! feature large arrow keys to help users navigate easier through the categories included, a rotary knob allows users to change channels with the flick of the wrist, and you can even call up your favorite channels quickly and easily by presetting keys with your favorite channels. Heavy haul professionals using Sirius XM Radio’s new SM Snap! also have the option of accessories like a magnetic mount antenna and they can tune into their favorite shows while out on the roads and highways of America, like the Road Dog Trucking channel, using the new XM Snap! by Sirius SM Radio.

The schoolchildren of American need you

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Heavy haul freight trucking professionals in the United States of America that would like to help educate schoolchildren and introduce educators to the trucking industry through the eyes of a professional long haul freight shipping trucker of America can do so through Trucker Buddy International. Trucker Buddy International is an independent, non-profit 501© (3) organization dedicated to helping educate and mentor supervised schoolchildren in grades 2-8 via a pen pal relationship with a professional roro and ltl freight truck driver.

Trucker drivers applying for the Trucker Buddy program are put through an extensive screening process and then are matched with a class and as directed by the teacher will share news about their travels around the United States of America with the children. In return, drivers will receive letters written by the students and pictures, which according to sources gives the kids an opportunity to enhance reading, writing, geography, mathematics, social studies and history skills and knowledge, while having fun, and there’s no cost to take part in the Trucker Buddy program as donations and sponsorships take care of all of the funding requirements for the program.

American long haul drivers that want to take part in the Trucker Buddy program should contact the truckerbuddy website for more information. This is a great program for American schoolchildren and a great way for the truckers of America to reach out to the people in the United States to build relationships with other Americans and help the children of America learn about the world around them at the same time. This could be your chance to pass on some of the knowledge you might not even realise you have to the schoolchildren of America and become a mentor and teacher to the children.