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Long Haul Trucks & EOBRs

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Are you part of a trucking company that needs help financing the purchase of Electronic On Board Recorders? Riviera Finance has announced they have combined forces with NavStar Technologies to help you purchase the Electronic On Board Recorders you need to help keep your trucks on time and budget during the miles ahead on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America. Great news for every transport company that was wondering where they were going to find the extra money they know they need to purchase the Electronic On Board Recorders that could be law, one day.

The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently required freight hauling companies with poor safety records to install Electronic On Board Recorders in the trucks they use to make sure cargo is delivered in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, on January 31, 2011 the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a new rule that would make it law for all interstate heavy hauling trucks to have Electronic On Board Recorders installed.

NavStar also announced they were introducing a new EOBR to the market place for small and mid-size transport fleets in the United States of America. NavStar also believes that by offering this deal to trucking companies they’ll be offering firms the complete solution they need. NavStar will be providing help with financing, installation and monthly monitoring, and even in helping users getting the proper documents to the FMCSA.

Keep Track of Freight Vehicles

Friday, February 11th, 2011

One of the most important tasks in the shipping container business is making sure you keep track of every container and vehicle out on the transport roads and highways of the United States during transport. Vnomics, a telematics solutions provider for the transport industry of America based in Rochester, New York, has recently announced the introduction of its next generation vehicle monitoring system, FleetKnowSys, designed and engineered to help you keep track of containers and vehicles out on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America.

FleetKnowSys is driven by the Vnomics NowEngine, a cutting-edge technology with a built-in intelligence system designed to help freight shipping companies utilize transport data to make the decisions that save money and time. FleetKnowSys is also supported by a robust set of services to help transport firms maximize profits and make the best business decisions possible. A combination that could definitely help transport firms keep track of containers and vehicles and at the same time possibly save time and money for other tasks.

Transport firms and drivers in the heavy hauling business of the United States of America that would like to check out Vnomics FleetKnowSys should contact the company directly, or drop by a local dealer of Vnomics products to see what they say. This could be your chance to find a better, possibly cheaper, and more efficient way to keep track of transport containers and vehicles, and make the services you provide a little more efficient.

Shipping Container Transport Maintenance

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

One important job heavy hauling transport firms and drivers need to take care of in order for transport vehicles to keep running down the transport roads and highways of the United States taking cargo to destination on time and budget is eliminating contaminants from truck and trailer air systems. These systems include compressors, hoses and piping, valves, tanks and other parts of a transport vehicle, according to transport safety experts, basic and important components that you need to make sure are in proper working order, or it could cost you time and money down the road.

According to freight transport safety experts moisture, oil and dirt can disrupt the operations of a transport truck and even cause a transport vehicle to stop working and require significant downtime to fix. Compressors do have a filter at outlets to remove most contaminants, according to the experts, and what this filter can’t remove is grabbed by a condenser/separator and then the air dryer. You still need to make sure to check the specifications included with the dryer and condenser/separator, according to safety experts, especially if the volume of air running through the system of your transport vehicle is high. You can also remove moisture and contaminants from the system using drain valves in air tanks, which according to experts should be part of a driver’s pre-trip inspection process, and noted on the inspection check list.

Therefore, before you head out on the roads with a heavy haul transport vehicle make sure you include this in your pre-trip inspection process and you could save yourself a few headaches that could have you spending money to fix a problem, rather than out on the roads making the money you need to stay in business.

Shipping Trucks Get a New Filter

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Transport drivers and companies in the shipping container transport business looking for a new filter to help increase the life span of the oil they use in their heavy-duty transport vehicles and save a little time and money for other tasks might have found the filter for the job. Wix Filters has recently announced the introduction of a new filter called the Ecolast filter that according to Wix Filters could double the life expectancy of the oil in the heavy-duty transport vehicles you use to take customers cargo to destination on time and budget. The new Ecolast filter from Wix Filters does this magic by trapping the damaging acids in the oil and could save users between $100 and $200 a year, according to the people over at Wix Filters.

Wix Filters has also indicated that the Ecolast filter doesn’t add slow-release additive extenders to the mix, like other filters available for the trucking services of the United States of America, which is a practice smiled on by oil suppliers, according to many transport experts looking at this announcement. The new Ecolast filter still captures dirt and soot like a traditional oil filter, while at the same time using a new technique to take out damaging acids from the oil, according to Wix Filters. This ability was also field-tested in 15 large transport fleets and the data collected was analyzed by the Southwest Research Institute, according to transport experts, and in one of these field tests the Ecolast filter was tested in 17 Cummins ISX engines for about 1.7 million miles, over a period of 13 months.

Drivers and transport firms in the heavy hauling business that want to check out the new Ecolast filter should contact Wix Filters directly, or drop by a local dealer of Wix Filters to see if they can obtain more information. This could be the best filter you have ever experienced during your transport life and it might even save you a little time and money down the road.

Sprint Connectivity Coming to Freight Trucks

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Transport industry freight forwarders will be interested in the latest news concerning Paccar proprietary navigation and business technology systems for Kenworth and Peterbilt Class 5-8 transport trucks. Sprint connectivity will be another option available on Paccar In-Dash systems in Kenworth NavPlus and Peterbilt SmartNav, according to transport experts, and will also integrate telematics, navigation, diagnostics and business system features. Great news for transport drivers driving Kenworth factory trucks equipped with Kenworth NavPlus and Peterbilt’s SmartNav systems.

Transport experts looking at this news believe that this new offering will be able to offer Peterbilt and Kenworth customers an outstanding mobile connectivity service perfect for helping the freight shipping industry enhance the services they already provide. This in-dash technology system implements a high-resolution, 7-inch color screen and about 8 gigabytes of memory expected to help transport drivers deliver cargo in a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner during the months and years ahead in the United States of America. This news also means that when a heavy hauling transport vehicle is sitting still, the driver will be able to access the Internet and send and receive emails, according to the transport drivers looking at this news, which is expected to enhance communications with dispatchers and shippers as we enter into the second decade of the century of the environment in the United States of America.

Transport drivers that want to check out this new offering for the transport industry of America should contact Paccar directly for more information on this new service. This could be a new way to increase profits and enhance the transport services you currently provide customers on a daily basis.

New Wingfoot Trucking Company Care Centers

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Transport drivers out on the roads and highways of the United States providing shipping container services for customers will be interested in the news that Wingfoot Commercial Tire recently announced the opening of the 34th and 35th Wingfoot Truck Care Centers. Wingfoot Commercial Tire has been providing services for transport firms and drivers in America for years and this news will certainly make heavy haul firms and drivers that have benefited from Wingfoot Commercial Tire services before smile.

Wingfoot Commercial Tire’s 34th and 35th Truck Care Centers are located in Russellville, Arkansas and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Russelville center is located at 185 Interstate Road on Interstate 40, exit 184, adjacent to the Flying J facility, the Tuscaloosa truck maintenance center is located at 4400 Skyland Boulevard East on Interstate 20/59, exit 76, on the Pilot Travel Center property. Both centers provide heavy hauling trucking firms and drivers with preventative maintenance service, including oil changes, and light mechanical service, like brake, electrical, and heating/air conditioning repairs. In addition, transport firms and drivers can find new tires and retreads on site, and roadside assistance is available for customers requiring this service.

Transport drivers that want to check out these two new locations should talk to another driver about Wingfoot Truck Care Centers and the services provided. This could help you make sure customers cargo is delivered on time and budget, should you happen to need a little help while out on the roads and highways of the United States.

Shipping Services Gets a Little Help

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Transportation drivers and transportation services already using Valvoline’s Fuel Proof Guarantee program will be happy to hear that Valvoline has decided it’s time to expand this program as we head into the second decade of the century of the environment in the United States of America. Valvoline’s Fuel Proof Guarantee program has now been expanded to include any transport fleet in the United States of America using an existing telematics provider, according to the professionals over at Valvoline. Fleets using Valvoline’s Fuel Proof Guarantee program will now be guaranteed at least a 1.6 percent miles per gallon increase using Valvoline heavy-duty motor oil and gear lubricant, and up to a 4 percent miles per gallon increase for heavy hauling services also implementing Valvoline’s Tiwi Fleet program in their operations.

This means that at the end of the trial period, if Valvoline lubricants aren’t delivering the fuel economy improvements promised in fleet test vehicles, Valvoline will refund the incremental cost of the oil changes required. The testing procedure used, which uses a fleet’s existing telematics unit or Tiwi Fleet program data transmission for verification purposes, has also been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay SM J1321 protocol, according to the professionals over at Valvoline. In addition, the program has just added two new partners; transportation insurance specialist Brazos Specialty Risk and Mansfield Oil to the program, which Valvoline indicates could reduce auto liability premiums for users by as much as 15 percent using an existing telematics unit and provide additional savings for heavy equipment transport services on bulk fuel purchases.

New Tool for Transportation Services

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Transport firms and drivers implementing McLeod Software’s LoadMaster in their heavy hauling activities will be happy to hear that they can now install the newly integrated SkyBitz asset tracking and management module into their operations. Sources at McLeod Software indicate that this new offering provides users with transport data that’s essential to making sure the cargo they transport for customers makes it to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner, and allows firms to better manage their business operations. This new offering from McLeod Software also provides users with information on the trailers in a fleet, like whether the doors of a trailer are open or closed, if the trailer is full of cargo or empty at a particular moment in time, and if the shipping container is currently moving down the road, or stopped by the side of the road.

McLeod Software and some freight forwarders looking at this new offering think that this new tool could allow firms in the business of transporting freight to destination better manage their operations in the months and years ahead. They also believe that this new tool is going to allow firms to make better decisions concerning the use of their trailers in the miles ahead, by allowing them to always know where their trailers are and what they’re currently doing. This will allow firms to identify available trailers closest to the load that needs to be picked up and delivered to destination, reduce the number of miles trailers travel empty and maybe decrease the possibility of losing track of a trailer.

White-Freightliner Freight Trucks of Old

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Are you a trucking company official who fondly remembers the days when White-Freightliner transport trucks were running down the roads and highways of the United States of America? There’s a new book written by a fellow called Ron Adams you can take out on the road with you to entertain you during your stops that will put a smile back on your face and make you remember these trucks and days, called “White-Freightliner Trucks of the 1960s”. This 128-page book features about 60 color pictures of White-Freightliner transport trucks from a different time and about 70 black and white photos that will take you back to another age of long haul trucking in America.

White-Freightliner trucks started appearing on the highways and roads of the United States after 1951, when Freightliner signed a deal with the White Motor Company to sell Freightliner trucks through White dealerships. These transports were referred to as White-Freightliner by the drivers and transport firms using them in their operations and over the 1950s and 1960s a lot more White-Freightliners started to appear on the transport roads of America.

Author Ron Adams has produced a number of books on the heavy hauling trucks of America and the world, as well as contributing regularly to trucking magazines, so he’s a noted authority on this subject. This particular book is available through Quayside Publishing & Distribution, so if you want a copy you’ll have to contact the publisher, or look for this book at an online source of books.

Trucking Companies Dealing With Change

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

There are a few changes coming down the road for firms providing transportation services in the United States of America in the days and months ahead. One change that transport professionals might not be aware of is the new standard J1939 standard connector, in preference to the old J1708 connection standard. PeopleNet’s new Vehicle Management Multi-bus Adapter expands the amount of vehicle data fleets can access while upgrading to the J1939 connector found on new engines. Shipping services providers and other transport professionals on hand for the American Trucking Association’s conference in Phoenix this week were talking about the new standard and how it will change the business of transporting in America as we enter the second decade of the century of the environment.

PeopleNet’s new Vehicle Management Multi-bus Adapter apparently allows users to purchase one connector that will work on both old and new transport vehicles in their fleet. PeopleNet indicates that their new Vehicle Management Multi-bus Adapter collects data from both data networks at the same time, in addition to collecting a lot more information on things that according to many professionals can make the job of heavy hauling on the roads and highways of the United States safer and more profitable for firms doing business in North America. This system also apparently makes integrating with third-party service providers much easier for transport firms and working with the on board computer a lot easier to manage for users.