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New Tool for Freight Drivers on the Road

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Transport drivers and firms using a shipping container to help transport goods to destination on time and budget on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America will be interested in the latest news from TravelCenters of America. TravelCenters of America has announced the introduction of a new smart phone application, called SmartTruck, for your iPhone featuring an interactive map of all TravelCenters of America and Petro locations in the United States of America. Great news for freight shipping drivers and firms looking for a new tool for their iPhone that will help them find a place to rest, when taking cargo to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead.

This new iPhone application also provides long haul drivers with real-time information on fuel prices, the number of available parking spaces and showers available at at location, a list of amenities on site, any current special offers, and even current weather reports that can be used to plan your route. This application even provides you with turn-by-turn directions to each location and allows users to link with TA’s RoadSquad roadside assistance program, according to the people over at TravelCenters of America. The best thing is this new iPhone application is free of charge, so you really have no reason not to at least take a look.

Transport firms and drivers that want to check out this new free iPhone application should contact TravelCenters of America directly for more information on where they can download this offer. This could be another way for you to possibly save you time and money during the miles ahead, so don’t hesitate, and take the time to see how this free iPhone application can help you during the weeks and months ahead.

Long Haul of Hazardous Materials

Monday, February 28th, 2011
Transport freight forwarding firms and drivers out on the transport roads and highways of the beautiful American state of California taking vehicles to destination on time and budget will be happy to hear that hazardous waste facility personnel they deal with are getting the HAZMAT safety training they need to work safe. Sources in the transport industry of America indicate that Lion Technology will be hosting two different two-day HAZMAT Management Workshops, one in Los Angeles on March 10-11 and the second in Oakland on March 14-15, both designed to provide hazardous waste facility personnel with the training they need to help trucking services ship hazardous materials in a safe, efficient and reliable manner during the miles ahead in the United States of America, according to the people over at Lion Technology.

Sources in the shipping industry of the nation also indicate that students taking the two-day Hazardous/Toxic Waste Management Workshops will be provided with comprehensive hands-on training on the critical rules they need to know to stay in line with the current rules and regulations. In addition, they’ll learn how to identify regulated waste, handle and store waste on site, prepare waste for off-site shipping, prepare and plan for emergencies that might occur, keep proper records, assure for proper disposal of hazardous materials and prepare a site for any new regulations that might come around the bend during the miles ahead.

Transport professionals that want to attend either workshop are encouraged to pre-register as soon as possible in order to make sure they get the seat, or seats, they need. Tuition for either one of these two-day HAZMAT Management Workshops is $795 per person, but group discounts are available for larger groups that want to attend either workshop. Registration for either workshop starts at 7:30 a.m., and the workshops will take place between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

New Long Haul Dispatch Tool

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Transport firms and drivers in the shipping container transport industry looking for a new tool to help them deliver cargo in a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner during the weeks and months ahead have a new tool to use in this desire. Aljex Software has just announced the release of customizable dispatch screens for all transport modes used by brokers, carriers and 3PLs, that the firm believes will help make the job of transporting cargo to destination on time and budget easier to accomplish during the miles ahead on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America.

Aljex Software indicates that Aljex Vision customers can now simply drag-and-drop entire columns of data to and from dispatch displays to suit virtually any transport job. Also included is a map to help freight shipping firms track cargo shipments across America and the entire continent, according to Aljex Software, and shipment and customer information displayed spreadsheet-style with columns representing categories of data essential to the job of making sure cargo arrives on time and budget during the weeks and months ahead in the transport industry of the nation and world.

Freight transport firms and drivers that want to check out Aljex Software’s new offer should contact the company directly for more information on where they can find this new service, or talk to other transport professionals that have used Aljex Software products to see what they think. This could be your chance to save more time and money and possibly make your boss smile a little brighter about the transport services being provided.

Shipping Shop Should Be Clean

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Spills, drips and spatters are just common every day events around the shop in the long haul business, what counts is making sure you have the ability to clean up these little accidents as quickly and efficiently as possible. New Pig Corporation recently announced the introduction of smaller Pig Mat rolls the company believes are perfect for cleaning up the little drips, spills and splatters that occur around the shop on a daily basis.

Called Pig Universal Absorbent Mat Rolls and Pig Water-Repellent Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Rolls, these new smaller pig rolls allow users to quickly clean up little the fluids you don’t want to leave just lying around the floor, or other surfaces, of the shop and reduces the amount of time required to complete the clean up job. Pig Mat is also free from dust and grit, so it doesn’t end up in your vehicle, according to New Pig Corporation and some international shipping experts, or damage sensitive equipment, parts and tools. Pig Mat rolls even come with easy-to-tear perforations every ten inches along the length of the roll, which apparently makes it much easy to use this product.

Transport fleets in the trucking services business that want to check out New Pig Corporation’s smaller Pig Mat rolls should contact the company directly for more information, or drop by a local dealer of Pig Mats to see what they have on hand. This could be your chance to save a little time and money and provide the mechanics around the shop with a product they might fall in love with.

Long Haul Trucks & EOBRs

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Are you part of a trucking company that needs help financing the purchase of Electronic On Board Recorders? Riviera Finance has announced they have combined forces with NavStar Technologies to help you purchase the Electronic On Board Recorders you need to help keep your trucks on time and budget during the miles ahead on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America. Great news for every transport company that was wondering where they were going to find the extra money they know they need to purchase the Electronic On Board Recorders that could be law, one day.

The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently required freight hauling companies with poor safety records to install Electronic On Board Recorders in the trucks they use to make sure cargo is delivered in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, on January 31, 2011 the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a new rule that would make it law for all interstate heavy hauling trucks to have Electronic On Board Recorders installed.

NavStar also announced they were introducing a new EOBR to the market place for small and mid-size transport fleets in the United States of America. NavStar also believes that by offering this deal to trucking companies they’ll be offering firms the complete solution they need. NavStar will be providing help with financing, installation and monthly monitoring, and even in helping users getting the proper documents to the FMCSA.

Control Shipping Container Diesel Fuel Costs

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Trucking firms looking for a way to reduce the cost of using diesel fuel in their fleet operations during a period when the price of diesel keeps fluctuating will want to start implementing a fuel management system in their transport operations, according to the experts over at the United States Department of Energy. The experts believe that firms not implementing fuel management systems in their fleet operations could find that transport fleet operational costs could increase due to this fact in the months and years ahead.

The price of diesel could be a hard to determine during the miles ahead for many transport firms and the people that decide the price of oil could increase the price even more in the future, according to transport experts watching the price of oil. Transport firms in the business of international shipping across North America might want to keep a tight hold on elements of fleet management during the miles ahead and put measures in place, now, in order to achieve control of their diesel fueling program. This could help transport firms deal with the changing price of diesel and keep their transport trucks on the road and moving to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner, according to the experts.

Long haul firms have been checking air tire pressure, conducting proper maintenance scheduling, reducing the amount of time trucks idle, and implementing air deflectors on their transport vehicles during the last few months. Firms might also want to review fuel management systems at this time, talk to fuel companies about diesel fuel prices in the future, and review fuel surcharge programs with their staff and fleet managers in the days and weeks ahead.

Diesel fuel management is going to become more and more important for firms in the future and making sure everything is in place and working with your fuel management system could save you money and time that could be used for other things.

Freight Truckers Helping the Kids of America

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Are you a long haul driver that loves kids and wants to spend more time teaching young ones about life and the trucking industry of the United States of America? You can spend more time with the kids of America by becoming the next Trucker Buddy of the Month. This is your chance to have a positive affect on the lives and future of children in the United States of America and prove once again how much the truckers of America care about doing the right thing. The kids will fall in love with your stories about working out on the roads and highways of America and you could be setting the stage for some of these children to become another caring transport trucker of America in the years ahead.

Drivers out on the roads providing trucking services for firms around North America taking part in the Trucker Buddy of the Month program will be visiting classrooms throughout the school year to talk to the kids and keep them updated on their transport adventures. They get to take a positive hand in teaching the kids, encourage them to learn, and even provide a few rewards to the kids that show the greatest interest in learning. Every year they add more transport truckers to the Trucker Buddy program, so if you want to take part, this could be your year and chance to contribute to the well-being and future of kids in America.

If you’re a flatbed trucking professional that wants to take part in the Trucker Buddy of the Month program, you’ll have to go through a screening process, and then you’ll be matched with a class of children. You’ll work with the teacher and talk to the children about the job of transporting freight to destination in the United States of America, and pass on some of the knowledge about life you have picked up out on the roads and highways of America.

White-Freightliner Freight Trucks of Old

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Are you a trucking company official who fondly remembers the days when White-Freightliner transport trucks were running down the roads and highways of the United States of America? There’s a new book written by a fellow called Ron Adams you can take out on the road with you to entertain you during your stops that will put a smile back on your face and make you remember these trucks and days, called “White-Freightliner Trucks of the 1960s”. This 128-page book features about 60 color pictures of White-Freightliner transport trucks from a different time and about 70 black and white photos that will take you back to another age of long haul trucking in America.

White-Freightliner trucks started appearing on the highways and roads of the United States after 1951, when Freightliner signed a deal with the White Motor Company to sell Freightliner trucks through White dealerships. These transports were referred to as White-Freightliner by the drivers and transport firms using them in their operations and over the 1950s and 1960s a lot more White-Freightliners started to appear on the transport roads of America.

Author Ron Adams has produced a number of books on the heavy hauling trucks of America and the world, as well as contributing regularly to trucking magazines, so he’s a noted authority on this subject. This particular book is available through Quayside Publishing & Distribution, so if you want a copy you’ll have to contact the publisher, or look for this book at an online source of books.

Trucking Companies Will Work with FMCSA

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Firms in the business of heavy equipment transport in the United States of America will be glad to hear that the work being done by the transport industry and the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to improve the safety performance of transport vehicles and make the safety inspections of transport services more efficient is still building momentum. The other day the administrator of the FMCSA, Anne S. Ferro was on hand, along with other important figures from around the United States, at the Commercial Motor Vehicle Technology Showcase, to take a first-hand look at state-of-the-art technology transport safety inspectors will be using during upcoming commercial trucking inspections.

The reports from the transport professionals on hand for the Commercial Motor Vehicle Technology Showcase indicates that the technologies on hand at this affair are exciting. Fully deployed across the United States many believe these technologies will make the long haul roads of the United States America safer and save the lives of Americans. A great testament to the work done by the transport industry of America, federal and state governments and public and private interests in the United States.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Technology Showcase was held at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Roadside Technology Corridor on Interstate 81 in Greene County. This showcase was held in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Safety, Tennessee Department of Transportation, the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Flatbed Trucking gets a new Dashboard

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Transport flatbed truck drivers implementing PHH Arval’s Interactive Dashboard in their business operations taking cargo to destination in the United States of America will be glad to hear that PHH Arval has announced a major enhancement of their dashboard tool for the transport industry. Sources at PHH Arval indicate that designers and engineers have enhanced the features and capability of their dashboard tool and made it easier to use and learn how to implement PHH Arval’s Interactive Dashboard to help increase the efficiency and reliability of the shipping container transport services users provide. The dashboard summarizes data compiled on the transport industry and presents it to users in a form that’s easy to read and understand, which allows users to find out what they want to know at a glance, according to PHH Arval.

PHH Arval indicates that their interactive dashboard has been given a fresh look, is easier to navigate through with the changes made, and provides transport drivers with quick and easy access to enhanced information on graphs and charts. The company also indicates that the depth of the information and ability of their interactive dashboard has definitely been enhanced and the changes make PHH Arval’s Interactive Dashboard a standard in the transport industry of North America. The new dashboard make it easier to conduct the transport of goods and harnesses the power of the information age to increase the efficiency and reliability of transporting goods to destination as we begin to travel down the long haul roads of North America and into the second decade of the century of the environment.