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Freight Logistics Tough Business in Last 20 Months, Making freight movements more efficient

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Freight logistics companies servicing the freight industry predictably had the same kind of year that overseas shipping companies and international car shipping firms experienced. One firm with results that are typical for most in the logistics industry is Ceva Logistics. They reported revenues and profits were down in the first part of 2009, but the numbers started to look better as the year went on and they were hoping that things were going to be even better in 2010 for Ceva Logistics and the freight industry. They remain positive despite the last twenty months of down numbers in most parts of business operations and are looking forward to growing their business in 2010 and beyond.

Ceva Logistics did implement a strategy of implementing as many cost-savings policies as they could think of to help them recover as much of the loss as possible in 2008 and 2009. Despite the year they had they were able to get the company debt down by about 7 percent according to the company with their tactics and even found a few new customers to help them improve the numbers a bit. They haven’t reported any numbers for the first part of 2010, so far, but things have been going up in some freight sectors in the first part of 2010, so if they reported slightly better numbers in their freight business with overseas shipping companies, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

The freight logistics business for firms like Ceva Logistics will get better as the volume of freight being moved goes up in 2010 in all sectors of the freight industry. But the fate and revenue of companies like Ceva Logistics is tied directly to the health of the freight industry and the business of moving freight will have to get better for the freight logistics industry to improve significantly.…tid=20017754628

Finnish Freight Workers Threaten Strike Action, Finnish freight, shipping companies, freight carrier

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Overseas shipping companies bringing freight in and out of Finland will have to alter their plans and maybe put them on hold until Finnish dock worker finish their negotiatons with the Finnish Port Operators Association. This is because the Finnish Transport workers union AKT has sent the word out to its members to prepare for strike action in order to get the negotiations over changes the freight carrier workers want to the agreement they have with the agency back on the rails and moving forward.

The strike will definitely bring freight carrier movements at the ports of Finland to a crashing halt and the it wouldn’t be surprising if the Finnish government stepped in to order the workers back to work, if the dispute goes on to long. After all the movement of freight into and out of Finland is essential to the health and welfare of the people and nation, so hopefully for both sides sakes they get to work and get this settled, soon.

The negotiations are suppose to continue once the mediator arrives onto the scene and it appears this person can’t arrive to soon, as far as the workers and people of Finland are concerned. Hopefully, the mediators arrival gets things back on track and the negotiations start up again.

If the mediator isn’t able to get things back on track and the negotations successful, then the strike could begin sometime around the 19th of February. This date is going to be important for firms that have to export or import freight into Finland and they’re surely looking at ways to take care of the work they have to do in some other way, just in case the strike does start.…tid=20017745583

Customer Expectations

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

What are customer looking for in a quality transportation carrier? I have worked for trucking companies and shipping companies and these are some of the things I think they are looking for when moving their freight.

1. Exceed customer expectations. Go above and beyond from what they expect. Let them know when the truck is loaded, empty or has a problem.
2. Quality customer service. Be proactive with problems and meet your customer’s needs. .
3. First impressions are always important. Everything can go wrong with the load, but if you are honest, upfront and keep your customer informed can earn your customers respect. Remember most other trucking companies lie to them.

I could think of others, but I think these three are the most important.

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Equipment Specifications

Friday, August 14th, 2009

I frequently get calls on quoting equipment for heavy haul movements. I am finding that on a regular basis that some of the shipping companies do not have the proper dimensions on their equipment. This can make very hard to give a proper quote and order permits for the freight movement. So before I give a quote to a customer, I get the make and model of the equipment. Whether it be a combine, cold planer, crawler loader or harvester, I have found the best place to dimensions is the Rithcie Brothers specifications site. Here is a direct link for the sight

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